Taxes – Alexandria Small Organisation Development Center

License Tax:

Services, experts, and occupations that meet all certifications and legal requirements are eligible to acquire organisation licenses upon application and payment of the license tax. Everyone doing business in the City of Alexandria is needed to pay a yearly tax on gross invoices made in the City. Each start up service is needed to estimate the gross receipts they anticipate to receive between the date of starting organisation and completion of the existing license year (December 31) which will be the basis on which the license tax is computed. The approximated license tax is adjusted at the end of the tax year to show business’ actual gross invoices. If the taxpayer overestimates, they are offered a credit on the license tax payable in the following year. If the taxpayer ignores, that quantity will be contributed to the license tax for the being successful year.

During the first year of operation, companies that estimate gross invoices of less than $100,000 do not owe a tax, however still need to file to get a license. Organisations with gross receipts between $100,000 and $1,999,999 use up a flat cost of $50. For those businesses that estimate $2,000,000 or more in gross invoices, their fee is determined by the tax rate for the business classification.

After the first year of operation, businesses are taxed on prior year gross receipts. Those whose license basis does not go beyond $9,999 do not owe a tax. They still must file, however, to acquire a license. Services with gross invoices in between $10,000 and $99,999 pay a flat cost of $50. For services with yearly gross invoices of $100,000 or more, the tax owed is based upon the tax rate for business classification.

Organisations, occupations and professions need to submit a license renewal application every year and pay the license tax by March 1 of each year. Businesses that are begun after January 1 needs to file the application and pay taxes instantly at the License Center. The organisation license renewal application and tax payment must be sent by mail to:

City of Alexandria Business License
P. O. Box 34580
Alexandria, VA 22334-0850
PHONE (703) 746-3903
FAX (703) 706-3996

Other City of Alexandria Taxes:

Dining establishments: Any person or group of persons, corporation, company, association, company or co-partnership that sells food and beverage to be consumed by the buyer at one time should collect a City tax on the meal. This tax is in addition to the state sales tax. Every entity gathering the tax needs to file a report with the City on taxes collected on meals. The report and payment of the taxes collected need to be submitted with Tax Solutions & & Enforcement within thirty (30) days of the month of collection.

To learn more on the City of Alexandria taxes see!.?.! or contact: TaxServices & Enforcement 301 King Street, City Hall, Room 1700 Alexandria, VA 22314 PHONE(703 )746-3903 FAX(703)706-3996