Reversing Obamacare will reverse my small company

I emailed this to the U.S. Senate Financing Committee today in reaction to the weekly Wall-of-Use-mail call-to-action, and believed it would fit on my blog site as well.Hello, I am a

small company owner with a pre-existing condition who cannot go without medical insurance for even one month. The Affordable Care Act made my small company possible. If ACA is rescinded or changed, I will be required to head out of business.Two years ago, I started my own organisation,

Frame Shift Consulting, teaching innovation business ways to enhance variety and inclusion. I also have a hereditary disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. If I take about ten prescription drugs every day, see numerous medical specialists regularly, and exercise carefully, I can live a semi-normal life as well as work full-time if I don’t need to go to an office every day. Without access to prescription drugs and medical care, I would be not able to work full-time or perhaps care for myself, and would need to go on impairment, SSDI.Before the Affordable Care Act, no health insurance coverage business would offer me a policy on the individual market. My only alternative was to obtain an employed task at a company large enough to use health insurance to their employees. If I lost my task, I could buy a couple of coverage options under COBRA or HIPAA, however I was always just one missed out on payment away from losing my access to medical insurance at any rate.( I as soon as attempted to look for health insurance coverage on the free market; after two concerns about my case history they informed me I ‘d never ever get approved.)The ACA let me quit my job and start my own little company devoid of fear of losing my health insurance coverage and ending up being not able to work.At my new little service, I am doing even more ingenious and valuable work than I ever did for a huge company. I enjoy being my own boss, and the versatility I have makes it far much easier to cope with the bad days of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I like how high effect my work is, and that I am training other individuals to do the exact same work. I could never have actually done work that changed so lots of people’s lives for the much better while operating at other company.Every time I hear about a brand-new expense to repeal or change the ACA, I study it to see whether I would still be able to manage medical insurance under the brand-new system. Up until now, the answer has been a definite no.

Without the individual mandate, protection for pre-existing conditions, cost controls, and minimum coverage requirements that mentions cannot waive, no medical insurance company use me a specific policy at a price I can afford.I’m one of the luckier ones; if the ACA is reversed or changed and I lose my health insurance, I can most likely get a salaried job at a huge business with medical insurance benefits. I do not anticipate anybody to care about my personal fulfillment in doing work I like, or having the flexibility to stay at home when my Ehlers-Danlos is acting up. However I do anticipate my chosen agents to care that a cutting edge, high-impact small company would go out of business if they passed Graham-Cassidy or any other repeal or replace bill. The ACA is excellent for service, helpful for development, and great for people. Rather of replacing it with an inferior system that would cover fewer people for more loan, let’s deal with enhancing the ACA and completing the lots of gaps in its coverage.Thank you for your time, Valerie Aurora Proud small company owner