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PHP is a scripting language designed for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP language runs on a web server, the code of PHP acts as the input and output is the creation of the web pages. The language is also used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications. PHP has been deployed on many web servers, operating systems and platforms. It is also useful with many database management systems. The complete source code is available to the users for free. The users can build; customize language according to their requirements.

PHP has been created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year1995. PHP’s main implementation is now produced by The PHP Group and it is released under the PHP License. According to the Free Software Foundation it is considered as free software.

PHP was originally designed to create only dynamic web pages. It is a server-based script and is similar to other server-based script languages such as Microsoft’s ASP.NET system, Sun Microsystems’ JavaServer Pages and mod_perl. PHP’s main framework provides building blocks and design structure to promote rapid application development (RAD). Some of the frame works include CakePHP, PRADO, Symfony and Zend Framework.

PHP acts as a filter, taking input from a file or stream containing text and instructions the outputs for another stream of data. The most common form of the output is HTML. The most popular architecture is the LAMP architecture for deploying web applications. In PHP the P is refer to Python or Perl and it is used as bundle alongside with Linux, Apache and MySQL.

PHP interface also has Extensions with a number of systems such as IRC, and Windows API. PHP extensions are used in creating Macromedia Flash movies. In the Version 3, PHP has integrated object oriented features and Version 5 has limited functionalities. Now PHP has robust object capabilities such as interface, exceptions, destruction and abstractions which are a great help in the development of a website.

PHP has wide-spread popularity because of the version 4. It is considered as one of the top languages used for server-based scripting. The language is easy to learn. PHP has many arrays and variables which can hold any type of object, where the variables need not be declared, and the syntax is remarkably simple.

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